"If you believed something different you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting..."
Johnson's critics accuse him of wielding power without a purpose. But for a lifelong narcissist like the prime minister, wielding power is a purpose in…
The Conservative party has been rousted in London as voters turn against the Prime Minister, but there are worrying signs for Labour elsewhere.
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Suggestions by the Conservative Party and their media allies that the Labour leader is under investigation by the police are completely untrue
"Everything I wrote was having this amazing explosive effect," Johnson later recalled.
Johnson's latest shambolic parliamentary U-turn has highlighted quite how unhappy Conservative MPs remain with the Prime Minister.
The reality of the Prime Minister’s shameful deal to export asylum seekers is even worse than it first appears.
If the Prime Minister is “only human” as Grant Shapps suggests, then he should be treated just like anyone else would be if they had acted in this way.
When the Chancellor told the country that we were all in it together, he somehow forgot to mention his own US green card and his wife's non-dom tax…
Jacob Rees-Mogg's extraordinary defence of his boss will only harden opinions against the Prime Minister.
The endgame for most failed senior politicians is not public shame, but a long and heavily remunerated career.