The Home Secretary's exclusion of news outlets which actually attempt to scrutinise her plans to deport refugees to Rwanda, is a dangerous step towards…
The ousting of Gary Lineker for criticising Government policy has exposed the deep double standards shown by the BBC towards those on the left of…
Rishi Sunak's Government is betting everything on an immoral, impractical and likely unlawful plan to effectively ban refugees coming to the UK. But…
The story of these two women tells us a huge amount about how power really works in the UK.

February 2023

You wouldn't know it from reading the opinion pages of most national newspapers, but we are living in a golden age for free speech
News that Rishi Sunak is set to announce a renegotiated deal with the EU on the Northern Ireland Protocol is the first step in the unravelling of the…
The manner of the First Minister's resignation may have set her apart from her peers, but all may not be exactly as it seems
The first in a regular series of updates for all Folded readers and subscribers
As far-right thugs and terrorists target those seeking refuge in the UK, the Home Secretary is downplaying the threat, while adopting their rhetoric of…
Richard Sharp's continued presence as BBC Chairman, following the Boris Johnson loan scandal, is destroying the corporation's reputation from within
How the political class defeated the citizen journalists

January 2023

The Prime Minister's sacking of Zahawi for breaking the ministerial code, while reinstating Suella Braverman just days after doing the same, shows…